Experimental Tools

Experiments in our lab utilize several hardware tools, software frameworks and image material that are complex and required custom development. On this site we gather some of these tools and make them available under a public license for anyone interested in using them. Please refer to this website if you happen to publish manuscripts using any of these tools (see also the Open Source Licensing of the Materials).


  • Unified Suite for Experiments (USE): We have generated a complete, integrated software and hardware suite for the creation, control and analysis of dynamic, video-game like behavioural neuroscience experiments in 2D and 3D environments. We provide the overview of the hardware and software solutions underlying use  here.


  • Multicamera-Monitoring NeuroCam System: The NeuroCam is composed of up to five Digital camera and a website interface to control how these cameras are videostreaming at user controlled resolution. The video footage is temporally synchronized and allows frame-by-frame access. Event information can trigger start and stop and events can be inserted manually or remotely during video collection via a TTL / Event I/O box allowing 16bit events.
    A detailed manual describing its hardware components (see picture) and the software use is available online here [LINK TO COME] under an open GNU license.